ISM Shipping Solutions Ltd is a British family business founded in 1998. ISM Shipping specialises in assisting Panamanian flagged ships, companies & organisations that wish to offer services to Panamanian ships.

ISM Shipping Solutions offers expertise and advises international companies such as Law firms, Administrations, Ship management & operators, Engineering companies, Private Maritime Security Companies, P&I Clubs and a great variety of professionals in the industry to obtain solutions.

ISM Shipping Solutions stays up-to-date on Panamanian legislation, and has been pivotal in helping clients to be the first to obtain full accreditation in order for them to offer services to Panamanian ships.

In 2007, we lobbied the Panamanian government and requested to review the opportunity of the new digital era, as a consequence new legislation was approved, and the e-books (official electronic log books) on board Panamanian ships became authorised.

ISM Shipping Solutions then obtained the first accreditation for the Electronic Log Books to be used on board Panamanian ships.

In 2012, the Panamanian Administration legislated that in order to place armed guards on board Panamanian ships, Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) needed to be accredited; our company obtained the very first PMSC accreditation, and to date, we have obtained over thirty accreditations for PMSCs worldwide. We also manage their reporting and annual returns, to ensure that their Panamanian accreditation is valid.

In 2018, ISM Shipping Solutions worked in obtaining two new accreditations – very significative for Panama; the first one, was for the company that compiles and publishes all the Merchant Marine circulars, and the second important one was to obtain accreditation for the first independent EU MRV and IMO DCS certification services company.

ISM Shipping Solutions Ltd also offers assistance to companies working within maritime sector including Recognised Organisations, Crew managers and Maritime Training schools.

We are always open to challenges and new opportunities.