Ship Registration

ISM Shipping Solutions Ltd. has assisted owners to register million tonnes in different jurisdictions.

Our services are comprehensive and will guide the owners from the early stages on cost comparison between registries, through the requirements, preparation of forms and lodging them through the Consulates, Registries and Shipping Departments to obtaining the Registration Documents.

Our services are widely used by individual shipping companies as well as by solicitors/lawyers, Sale and Purchase Brokers, etc.

Our experience also has helped owners and brokers to ensure that the MOA are prepared in advance and that all the documents requested at closing are in order.

Maria Dixon, our Managing Director has over 30 years experience in ships registration and has chaired thousands of closing meetings. Few people in the City of London and indeed in the world have the experience and knowledge that she has.

Registration of Vessels: Services offered

  • Registration of Vessels under most jurisdictions

  • ISM Code / ISO 9002 / Audits

  • The Registry of Panama

    • Cost reductions & Fleet discounts calculations

    • Documentation / Extensions / Manning Certificates / Annual Taxes /ISM & Exemption Certificates / ISPS, ISSC, CSR

    • Crew Certificates

    • Deletions from the Registry<

  • Sale & Purchase of Vessels

    • Revision of the MOA prior the signature

    • Preparation of Agenda and Documents List

    • Closing Meetings

  • Certifications and Advice for vessels and companies on

    • Deletion

    • Ownership

    • Consent of Sale

    • Tax Clearance

    • Encumbrances

    • Provisional Deletion

    • Good Standing

    • Existence of Record

    • Dual Consent Registration – Bareboat Registration