PMSC accreditation

Most of Panama accredited PMSCs preferred ISM Shipping Solutions to prepare their documentation.

ISM Shipping Solutions has prepared the documentation paperwork for most of the PMSCs.

When the Law changed, we were the first company to read about the changes, and we alerted our clients. Lawyers did not know what the changes or even what PMSC meant, let alone how a PMSC works and operates.

We prepared the documentation for a PMSC who were the FIRST Company accredited by Panama back in May 2012.

Since then, we were approached by different companies, including helping the SECOND Company to be accredited by Panama.

Since then, we have helped a long list of companies.

Why we are the leaders in preparation of the documents?

Contrary to other agents, we know the PMSC industry and their business. We have been involved in the anti-piracy business since 2008, and our experience in preparing documentation for over 20 companies results in a quick turn round from getting the required information to lodging the application.

Resident Agents and Panamanian lawyers will just ask for the general list of documents specified in the Law and will wait to receive them to have them lodged, by doing this, accreditation will take up to six months.

At ISM we know what to ask for specifically, we will guide you and we will check every single document you send us; we will process them, and prepare them ready for lodging by the Panamanian lawyers.

ISM Shipping Solutions have all the right tools and procedures in place to help your company gain accreditation.

Our Managing Director was the Head of Shipping at the Panama Consulate in London for over 20 years, so she knows how the Panamanian administration works, how they like to receive the application, and how to easy their burden when checking all the documents submitted.

By using the services of ISM Shipping Solutions you are getting a Turn-Key solution, with fixed prices.

Our name has become known in the market as the leaders on preparation of accreditation documentation for PMSC; our clients know and have experienced the value for money they have received by asking us to help them with the preparation. Ask them!

NON-Accredited PMSC’s CANNOT supply guards to Panama flagged ships.


After accreditation, we continue offering support, expertise, intelligence to our PMSC clients. Our work does not stop at accreditation.

Britannia Maritime Security Ltd 106-35-DGMM

Secure a Ship Limited 106-88-DGMM


Ambrey Risk 106-99-DGMM

Neptune/Port 2 Port Maritime Security Limited 106-101-DGMM
ESS & SA BV – Exclusive Security Services & Special Assignments 106-102-DGMM

HR Maritime 106-xxx-DGMM

Trident 106-xxx-DGMM

ESC 106-xxx-DGMM

Salama Fikira International  106-102-DGMM

Four Shields 106-102-DGMM

Hua Xin Zhong 106-xx-DGMM

Overseas Security Guardians (Hong Kong) Ltd 106-102-DGMM