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Established in 1998, ISM Shipping Solutions Ltd is an English independently owned company working in association with a major network of international shipping business professionals.

ISM Shipping Solutions offers assistance and advises international companies, lawyers, Administrations, Shipping companies, Shipbuilders, Shipping Companies, Radio communication companies, and a great variety of professionals in the industry to obtain solutions.

Your company will benefit from our experience with over 32 years of registering ships under the Panama registry.

At ISM Shipping Solutions we work 24/7 if necessary to ensure your deadlines are met.

ISM Shipping Solutions offers consultation and provides solutions in the following areas amongst others:

  • Preparation of accredition documentation for PMSCs with Panama

  • Registration of Armed Guards

  • Registration of Vessels

  • STCW Certification

  • ISM Code / ISO 9002 / Audits

  • ISPS Code/ ISSC/ Continuous Synopsis Record

  • Offshore Companies

  • Investigation of possible marine frauds

Although we work with most Flags and Maritime Authorities, ISM Shipping Solutions is a specialist on the Panamanian Registry and we can help you to obtain your certificates, authorisations and other paperwork on time.

  • Flag State Authorisation to carry Armed Guards onboard
  • Special authorisations
  • Conditionals Letters
  • Exemptions Letters, etc
  • Bunkers/CLC/Annual taxes payments/MSM/DPA/SSO/etc

At ISM Shipping Solutions we work with you to ensure that your operations department can comply with ISM and ISPS promptly.


ISM Shipping Solutions are also agents for Electronic Log Books, the Panama Shipping Directory and Nauta software

ISM SHIPPING SOLUTIONS has been engaged by the Panama Maritime Chamber to work together in the International Chapter and create the Panamanian Shipowners Association/International Members Chapter. This Association is managed by the Panama Maritime Chamber as defined in Panama Merchant Marine Circular number 237 of February 2012.

If your company has vessels registered in Panama or you have business and interests with Panama and the Maritime Cluster you are eligible to join. The monthly fee is only USD 100.00 and you will benefit to belong to one of the most active and influent associations within the maritime Cluster. Please visit the special international membership link for more information.